I Would Be Scared Of Us, Too.

They are terrified of strong women, as though strength is an attribute only men are worthy of possessing. As though strength is misplaced in a woman. As though a woman who stands up and speaks her mind is a beastly thing which must be chained and sent back to its cage. 

Silly boys. Don’t be afraid. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t mind if we start speaking up! In fact, if you desire to be men of true honor, you will not only allow women and girls to stand up and don the strength which we have been silently, painstakingly tending to all these years, but you will be the one who hands us the megaphone. 

I would be naive to think that you are likely to change, though I would love to see it. 

Although…perhaps as everything you have built your empire upon begins to rumble and shake, and as you begin to panic and lose your footing and grasp at your power which is slipping through your fingertips, you will cause such a ruckus that the world will turn and look at you, and when they do you will inevitably scream, “It was HER!” and you will point to some strong woman who you once tried to crush beneath your boot. And perhaps, as I think we are beginning to witness, the world will turn and look at you and kindly, if firmly, point out that SHE makes up half the population of this planet. That SHE is done believing the lies you have long told her about her worth and her place. That SHE will take no more of your bullying, no more of your ridiculous, pompous interpretations of what life and the world and love should look like. That SHE was not created to sit beneath you and serve you but that SHE was brought to life by Divine Love in order to be your equal.

Your world is closing in on you. You are no longer allowed to carry on as you have, stepping on the throats of women and girls. We're done lying down for you and your delusions of grandeur. 

I would be terrified of strong women if I were you, too. 

P.s, for the record, the world tends to really appreciate men who are willing to genuinely admit wrongdoing and own their actions and the consequences that come along with them. It doesn’t make you weak. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

Proverbs 28:13: “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”


  1. Trinity Church of the Tri-Cities
    1007 Wright Avenue
    Pasco, WA, 99354

    To Alan Burrow, Knox Presbytery, and the Presiding Ministers of the CREC:

    Trinity Church of the Tri-Cities is withdrawing membership from the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches, effective immediately. We believe God is leading us to grow and seek fellowship in a direction that is incompatible with the CREC and our congregation has voted to leave the denomination. Both our leadership and our membership agree that this is the right move for our church. Not every member in our church desires to wander into denominational issues, and that is not a bad thing. As leaders of God’s people however, we feel the burden of Lord to speak the whole truth of the matter for the good of His people.

    We had hoped the CREC would outgrow certain issues so our congregation could remain and possibly even be a presence for positive change. Unfortunately, for too many, the CREC is the face of abuse of women and defender of child abusers. We had hoped the Presiding Ministers would respond with wisdom to the recent sexual molestation investigations. The failure of this report gives us little hope for the future of the CREC. Rather than reining in Douglas Wilson’s behavior, they have instead encouraged his tone and demeanor. They have overly praised him, evincing cowardice or complicity.

    We have also been disheartened to see the larger assemblies of the CREC function with systematic disregard for lay members; it is rare to see a voting delegate who is a lay Elder. Further, matters for which a vote is required are brought to Knox Presbytery at the last minute, demonstrating a lack of interest and an air of disdain for the input of lay Christians. We desire to see the whole Body of Christ grow and mature, rather than be marginalized and infantilized by pastors with an extreme emphasis on “authority” that diminishes lay leadership, lay ministry, and lay men and women.

    Finally, we desire greater fellowship with the larger Christian world, rather than the isolation that comes from being a part of a group that gleefully defines itself by its enemies. Consistently sowing dissension among the brotherhood of Christians (even among its own ranks!) displays an unbiblical attitude, and that seems to be the current tone of the most prominent CREC pastors.

    May God bless you with judgment unto restoration, rather than unto further dissension.


    Toby Wilson (for the Leadership)
    Trinity Church of the Tri-Cities


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