Nothing To Fear.

I recorded this video yesterday during one of the most scenic, breathtaking adventures I’ve ever been on. Wesley and I took the kids to bike the Hiawatha Trail near the historic mining town of Wallace, Idaho. The trail stretched for fifteen miles and boasted some of the most beautiful country on earth, if you ask me. I found myself really emotional the entire time and felt called to express some of what was on my heart. 
After I recorded this video, I battled with myself about whether or not I should post it; I’m all about vulnerability and soul-connecting, but this is pretty far outside the zone of what I would normally be comfortable with. These days, though, I’m trying to get outside that zone as often as feels safely possible, so I’m intentionally opening the door and letting you see what’s inside right now. I trust that Love will lead the way! 
I would, however, like to give a brief disclaimer. When I talk about God in this video I’m not referring to the God of any particular set of religious beliefs, even though I was raised in a devoutly conservative Christian environment. If God is Love, I believe the people I grew up being instructed to listen to grossly misrepresented and blasphemed that God. It may have taken me the last decade and a half to discover it, but when I was driven away from the unloving, dis-compassionate god of my youth, I was set on a path which would lead me to Divine Love, and learning to surrender to that Love has been the most transformative lesson of my life thus far. 
Traditionally, I’ve been terrified to talk about my spiritual beliefs for fear of being judged, but I've been in the process of releasing that. Permanently. I will speak my truth, from my heart, without fear of rejection because I stand with Love on my side and I finally understand that if I am standing with Love, I have nothing to fear. 
And so it is.


  1. Thank you for sharing. This touched me and gives me a little bit of hope that I might come to believe in that kind of Divine again -- not really there right now.

  2. Your beliefs are yours, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is an enemy.


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