CREC Review Results: Will We Ever See Them?

Nearly one full year ago, on October 3rd, 2015, Christ Church (located in Moscow, Idaho and pastored by Douglas Wilson) announced they were launching an internal review to look into the possible mishandling of two sexual abuse cases that had occurred approximately a decade earlier. Within a few weeks of the announcement, two members of the review committee emailed me and asked several questions about my sexual abuse case and how the church had handled it. While I was uncomfortable answering those questions via private correspondence, and though I felt very strongly that an external investigation was required, I wrote a series of three blog posts addressing the questions I was asked. Those can be found here:

The announcement of the review states, "Christ Church is asking this committee to issue a public report in the next few months." But as of today, September 5th, 2016, the results of the internal review have not yet been released. We do know one member of the committee, Randy Booth, was removed after an unrelated plagiarism scandal surfaced, but beyond that very little transparency has been practiced. On July 20th, 2016, I emailed a member of the committee, Rich Lusk, and inquired about the status of the review results. I received this answer:

"Not yet finished. I’ll let you know. We’re in the final editing stages, but we’re working with an outside party on that to ensure the integrity of the process/results."

I asked to know the name of the outside party they were working with and was told that information could not be shared at that time.

Although I realize that a review is different from an investigation, the entire point of the process is to have accountability. Critique of the process is both legitimate and, in this case, called for.  

Earlier today, on a heated comment thread under a friend's share of an advocacy post of mine, a former member of Trinity Reformed Church offered some great insight about the CREC Internal Review. (sharing with permission):

"I heard that the committee's work was "nearly complete" several months ago. What we haven't heard is whether its findings will even be released to the public. It has been nearly a year since the committee was formed, and nobody seems to know publication dates or plans. Perhaps that is because the CREC, like so many churches, values damage control above justice for victims and prevention of future atrocities. Perhaps they want to reduce the impact it would have on the cozy network of pastoral reputations, blogs, conferences, books, educational ministries, etc that drives the business model of the CREC. The fact that Doug Wilson continues as moderator while under investigation for mishandling of child sexual abuse cases (and blogs shamelessly about them meanwhile) speaks volumes about the CREC's standards of accountability and propriety (or lack thereof)."

I'll leave it at that. 


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