To My Daughters

Dear Avalon & Phoenix,

The first thing I want you both to know is that I love you,
And it's a love that's goes from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. 
It's really a lot. 

The second thing I want you to know is that the world can be a really incredible place,
It's full of amazing people and beautiful destinations and really good food. 
You're going to love exploring it. 

But you also need to know that sometimes the world is going to lie to you about some things, 
And I want you to be ready to face those lies head on and tell them what's what. 
It's going to be hard sometimes. 

The world is going to tell you that you're not smart enough unless you learn just like everybody else 
And fit into the same box as everybody else and that's just silly
Because everyone is different. 

The world is going to tell you that you're not pretty enough unless you look just like the girl in the magazine
And I'll tell you right now that's impossible because that girl isn't even real. 
A computer made her. 

The world is going to tell you that you're not in charge of how someone else treats your body
And that...well that's a really ridiculous lie because it's your body and no one else's. 
You're in charge of it. 

The world is going to tell you that you're not worthy of love unless you compromise your values,
But having values and staying true to them is actually really important and besides,
You're already worthy of all the love in the world.

The world is going to tell you that being famous and rich will give you meaning and make you happy,
But I promise you if you're not already happy with yourself those things will leave you empty. 
Happiness starts in your heart. 

The world is going to tell you lots of other lies and some of them will look like truths because lies like to do that,
And sometimes you'll have to learn that lesson the hard way but believe me when I say,
It will get easier to tell the difference.  

Now before you go thinking that the world is some terrible awful place that only wants to hurt you,
Just remember that we always have the choice to love and when we make that choice,
We make the world a better place. 

So girls, you have the honor of learning how to love yourselves and how to stand up for yourselves, 
But don't you ever forget that it's also your job to stand up for other people and don't you worry,
Mama will show you how. 

Back to that first thing I told you: that I love you both so much, remember that? 


Because every day when you wake up I want you to look in the mirror and say those words to yourself 
And then I want you to roll up your sleeves and hold your head high and go use that love
To change the world. 



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