To The Abused Child

"To The Abused Child"

To the child who lies awake at night and wonders if the world has forgotten them,

To the child who reads a fairy tale and wonders why the “love” they’re experiencing isn't like that, 

To the child whose dream of becoming a firefighter is replaced by just surviving the pain, 

To the child who looks in the mirror and sees something hideous and unworthy of love staring back at them, 

To the child who doesn’t contemplate playing on the swing set but instead thinks of the best way to end their life, 

To the child who feels as though there is no one left to trust because everyone hurts and betrays them, 

To the child who watches other children their age and longs to feel normal and accepted, 

To the child who wants to scrub their skin off in the shower because they feel dirty and ruined, 

To the child who wears shame and guilt where there should be innocence and joy, 

To the child who wonders why everyone lied about how life can be happy and exciting, 

To the child who waits to be hurt again and desperately wants to scream for help but doesn’t know how,

You are worthy of a good life. 

You are worthy of healing. 

You are worthy of feeling safe. 

You are worthy of a second chance at happiness.

You are worthy of an advocate.

You are worthy of meaningful relationships. 

You are worthy of feeling beautiful and pure.

You are worthy of all the love in the world.

You are worthy of feeling like someone is watching out for you, and we are. We are fighting for you and we will not stop until the whole world starts listening to your voice.  

And someday you will join the ranks of survivors and warriors, of the ones who found their voices and began to speak for their pain and for the pain of every child who lies awake at night and wonders if the world has forgotten them. 

We have not forgotten. 


  1. Natalie, you speak words that acknowledge and validate the experiences a child should never have to go through, yet you say it with compassion and love. These words speak life and encouragement to those who have not yet spoken. Please continue to speak love into these lives, to wake up those around to be tender hearted and to walk alongside them.

  2. Doug Wilson will pay in eternity because the Bible says that the leaders of God's flock are held to a higher standard! Wm. Paul Young says that sexual abuse is the worst thing you can do to a child because it shatters your life in a million pieces all over the floor. He still feels the Lord putting back pieces although he has healed to a great extent! I still feel pieces being put back and am thankful for every one!


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