Entire Transcript of DW/GG Meeting

Several people have requested that for the sake of transparency I share the entire 18-page transcript of my father's 2004 meeting with Doug Wilson, so here it is.



  1. Wow..... so it is sinful for people to discuss with each other the problems in a church? You can't even attempt to see if others are on the same page.... this is crazy Natalie. I'm so sorry.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure it can help bring greater clarity.

  3. Thank-you for this incredibly offensive, indecent document displaying why the congregation of Christ Church should flee the establishment as if it was on fire. Doug Wilson has no respect. He is in everybody's head incessantly and uses his patriarchal biblical guns to remove freedom and power from all around him.
    His theology that bites back is sickly old testament: Here's the truth in scripture and you are rebuked! Run for your lives, Moscow! Or, if you like this sort of disempowerment, settle-in: Doug Wilson is the Man! He will be the prime sphere-of-influence in your life all the while doing his 24 hour doublespeak, until your community life, your family life and your businesses are all Doug's/God's.
    I have little idea how I ever escaped this kind of emotional rape in my life but I remain ever thankful to have run the other way! Thank-you, Natalie...
    (Having seen this document and remembering your meeting with DW, I have to feel nauseated again recalling him asking you to detail your sexual acts: Was it oral sex etc. The man has no boundaries and has been 'ordained' to harm with God's teeth. Run as fast as you can, Moscow.
    And Natalie, telling our truth as individuals does set us free, doesn't it... That is what DW first takes away as theologian-pastor, one's freedom to speak freely. Define sphere sovereignty for me! Now I will correct you and you will talk to nobody but me! (I was the son of a Baptist preacher but he was nothing compared with DW. I would not have survived in that man's home. I would be dead now.)
    Thank-you for speaking up, for being a free voice in such an oppressive, cultic environment.

  4. Natalie, just a link for your perusal. I read this about Dawkins et al and found myself realizing it really applies to Wilson too. His anger is buried in his Christianity, his theology with a bite! It serves him as a cover and abreaction. His blog allows him to bash pagans and those who dare oppose his ordained wisdom. (not for blog publication unless you want to use it... best wishes as always to you, your husband and little ones)

  5. Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to begin. Such manipulation by a person who is supposed to be a pastor.


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