Call Us Broken Records

Call us victims.

Call us wayward.

Call us bitter, resentful, loud, brash, troublesome, wounded, grieved, or broken. 

Call us foolish for using social media as a platform for our voices to be heard. 

Call us attention whores with daddy issues, chained to our past, unwilling to heal because our wounds are familiar. 

Call us liars, truth-benders, slanderers, gossipers, dissenters. 

Call us speed bumps, run over us and act as though you didn't notice the jostling. Readjust yourself in your seat and continue on your way. Ignore the cries. A hit and run. 

Not this time. We will not accept radio silence.

Call us broken records. We're not done. 

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” 
― Benjamin Franklin


  1. And call us silent too long. There's a lot of us who kept silent. Our reasons were legion. And they were our own reasons, right or wrong.

    Thanks for speaking out. What you, and others have said has given me the courage to admit I too was sexually abused.

    In my case it was a family member. The damage it caused is still with me, though it happened fifty years ago.

    You have my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Wayne, thank you for your words. I'm sorry for the pain you suffered. I know the pain of staying silent, too, and it's wrenching. Thank you for your bravery.

  3. were beloved by Jesus and were supposed to be protected to the fullest by ALL of the adults around you. Jesus said better that a millstone be tied around a person's neck and that they be drowned in the deepest sea [i.e. be given the death penalty by a death so horrifying in Jewish culture at the time] than to ever harm a child!!

    We all love you Natalie. We love your father. You guys have been through so much. So glad you have a great husband, marriage, children, music and business in your life!

    Velour from California

  4. By the way, here are some good resources on sexual abuse in the church that I wanted to share with readers here.

    1. Pastor Jimmy Hinton's 2.5 hour training video on child sexual abuse and prevention. Jimmy turned in his pastor/father to police for sexually abusing children at the Church of Christ church in PA that they have both pastored. The father is serving a life sentence in prison for sexually abusing some 23 known victims. Jimmy and his family have become advocates for sexually abused children and their families, and how to train churches.

    Jimmy also has an organization, Child Protect, dedicated to training.

    All of the information listed on the Resources tab at the above link are so helpful!

    Jimmy's mom Clara Hinton has the blog Finding a Healing Place

    Brave family that did the RIGHT thing with an abuser in their own family!

    Best to all,


  5. For those looking for additional resources about sexual predators, here is a 5-part interview between Corrections One/Tier Talk (a website for those working in the corrections profession) and Dr. Anna Salter, an expert on sexual predators and author of Predators, Pedophiles, Rapists, & Other Sex Offenders.


  6. I fear you will never receive the desired apology, because I don't think that Doug Wilson sees any error in his past or current pastoral decisions. I doubt he will back down. Don't ever be silent, though. :)


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