"Tight nerves, tighter funds, bare shelves, bare bones, full minds, hungry hearts, reaching for more, never enough but somehow always just enough to live. Living closely, threads stretched tightly, seams are bursting, bursting with love, bursting with envy and need and passion. And we push, along with everyone else. We push for ourselves, for each other, for success, for the prize, for desire, for greed, for the selfish and the sacrificial. And somewhere in the distance a train screams by, heading to the same place and you jingle the coins in your pocket and you picture your ticket. Rub it between your fingers, feel its realness. Boots lift, one by one, two by two, three by three, and four by four and all in a line walk together. Brushing sweat, brushing shoulders, brushing raw emotion to the point of blisters. And the corners of your mouth tilt into a grin and you push ahead."


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