Something Good.

Every once in a while a day comes along that changes things. Perhaps it’s subtle, tragic, unexpected, joyful, or severe, but your soul reacts to it and your person hood is altered a few degrees and for a moment you can feel the massive cogs of the Universe moving.

 My fingers comb valleys into the warm, fluid sand. Deeper, the earth turns cool and viscous and thousands of grains of sand gather and pack beneath my fingernails. My children’s voices, just several feet away, are nearly swallowed by the angry rush of vehicles crossing the bridge overhead. My skin drinks the October sunlight like a sponge, savoring the unseasonable warmth of the day. Time drifts, warps, then becomes irrelevant. My mind’s eye turns inward and finds glimpses of the future. With such clarity I see the desires of my heart, I see my aspirations reached, my goals achieved. I taste gladness and I see my son and daughter grown. I want only happiness for them. I want hurt to stay so far away but I know I will witness the sting of pain in their lives and that it must happen. Joy and sorrow both will sculpt them. Sounds of the ocean’s song and of footsteps growing slower with age echo in my ears, the richness of love abounds and memories are filed away to accumulate dust over years that pass like drops of rain.  And just as swiftly as this rare moment has engulfed my consciousness, the tide lowers and I surface. Back to today, back to the sun and my new home and our Sunday walk. Back to toddlers searching for the biggest stick and begging not to go. Back to one day among so many, but one set apart, bookmarked by a photograph taken by my husband of me lying on a colorful scarf spread on the sand, my mind many years away being filled with a beautiful understanding that everything is just as it should be.


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