In the Forest

Fog is heavy here in the forest
If I could see a path out I would take it and run
Sticks stab my feet, slicing open my flesh
Reminding me I still feel

Each tree like the next but still it's own
Like a thousand fathers protective but cold
A mother would hold me and tenderly care
But here I find no mother

Black, tangled moss like witches' hair
Breathes under my swollen feet
Her bosom rising rising falling
A heartbeat deep in the ground

My face turns up, eyelids shut
Skin is moist and seeping steam
My fingers trail beside my body
Exhaustion fills my mind

Whispers like hallucinations
Hissing in my ear
Their words are cruel and pierce my skull
Then fades away the light

I lie pressed into the ground
Curving with the rotting leaves
Soothing thuds up through the dirt
The heartbeat strong and steady

The witch's voice begins to sing
Vibrations hum from deep below
Weaving through the pain and cold
Wakes me back to life

I find my feet, walk on again
And quietly watching from trees above
From dirt below and air around
My soul, my witch, she guides me.


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