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The Dream

When I was thirteen years old, shortly after meeting the man who would go on to to abuse me, I had a dream I’ll never forget. I’ve only told a small handful of people about this dream, but it keeps floating into my consciousness lately and I’m learning that usually means something. So (big surprise) I’m sharing it. 
My dream takes place at my childhood home on the Lewiston grade, which had a breathtaking view of the Lewis-Clark valley below. We lived on this property until right before I turned thirteen, when we moved to Moscow in order to be closer to the Christ Church community. At the time I had the dream, we’d just moved into a small home in the woods on Moscow Mountain. I missed my childhood home dearly, though I had no idea what kind of silent hell my life was about to turn into. 
The Dream:
In my dream, it’s summertime and I’m sitting on my Secret Thinking Rock behind one of the pine trees lining our long driveway. This particular rock has a large metal bolt sticking out of it, an…

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