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Adventures in Somatic Therapy

Even to this day, after all this healing and all this work, I still wake up each and every morning with anxiety that rises as my body does. The severity depends on the day and has little rhyme or reason, as far as I can tell. The physical symptoms of anxiety start their engines the moment my alarm rings; my stomach tightens, my heart and mind race, and a sense of dread washes over me like a heavy, unwelcome wave. And all of it so familiar and so discouraging. It's hard not to be critical of myself when I wake up with the same thought flashing in my mind every morning, "Oh. This again."  Fortunately, my morning meditation and yoga practice successfully quells my anxiety, which feels like a wonderful, miraculous gift every time. Still, this consistent morning anxiety had me stumped and frustrated, and I found myself wanting to know what's happening biologically and how to begin retraining that part of my brain that wakes up ready to survive trauma. Last week, I asked my …

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