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I Would Be Scared Of Us, Too.

They are terrified of strong women, as though strength is an attribute only men are worthy of possessing. As though strength is misplaced in a woman. As though a woman who stands up and speaks her mind is a beastly thing which must be chained and sent back to its cage. 
Silly boys. Don’t be afraid. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t mind if we start speaking up! In fact, if you desire to be men of true honor, you will not only allow women and girls to stand up and don the strength which we have been silently, painstakingly tending to all these years, but you will be the one who hands us the megaphone. 
I would be naive to think that you are likely to change, though I would love to see it. 
Although…perhaps as everything you have built your empire upon begins to rumble and shake, and as you begin to panic and lose your footing and grasp at your power which is slipping through your fingertips, you will cause such a ruckus that the world will turn and look at you, and when they do y…

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